Enroute to Kodaikanal - Kodaikanal Hills

August 2008,

Kodaikanal lies in the heat of state of Tamil Nadu, India some 170 km away from city of Coimbatore.

Kodaikanal is known as the 'Princess of Hill stations'. I had previously seen many photos and heard a lot of talks about this paradise on earth. But when is set about my gear and tried myself to click some photos, I realized it was not a walk in the park! Clicking photos in Kodai was a tricky job especially because of the all the rain showers in the Kodai hill ranges. Kodaikanal offers scenery unlike any in India. The town is considered the second best hill station in the south of India, second only to Ooty. The climate here is cool, pleasant and quiet welcoming. Kodaikanal mainly thrives on tourism. Many travelers end up relishing the beauty of Kodai and get lost in the magic of the misty hills. You will find yourself pulled to the arms of serene hills, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and long stretches of woods. This photo was clicked when from the former part of the path leading to Kodaikanal hills. The hills of Kodaikanal offer sanctuary to every tourist seeking its shelter.

Kodaikanal photos

In my journey to the beautiful town, I have clicked many a photographs. The hospitality of this town had caught me off guard. This combined with the wonderful atmosphere lead to an experience unlike any and that is evident from my photos. The photos in the following posts will take you through the beauty that we all have come to know as Kodaikanal!

PS: From the princess of hill stations I then journeyed to the King of hill stations: Ooty. But first, make sure you have seen all my best shots of Kodaikanal!

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