Camera cover sketch and Painting

From the diary of a given-up photographer:

The physical attraction of a plain black cover of a Sony Cybershot DSC W90 (yes you read it right a DSC W90!) may not exactly burn the photography genes in you as compared to that of a black glamorous DSLR Camera (which looks more like a sports bag). Yet, the aging camera cover pulls me through memories of of the thick and thin that we together as a photography team had gone through

On the digital camera front, this old camera is more like the Kodak roll camera, compared to all the smile-shutter and hybrids out there. But, I can assure you one thing. This little beast has never given up on me. Never! Right from the time I had brought it back three years back from a store that we all in Mumbai know as Alfa from Vile-Parle West. Photography has never been the same for me ever since.

Coming back to the vibes from this plain old camera cover, lying there in front of my 21 inch AOC Monitor, zipped tight. ”The camera’s full! Get all the photos into the goddamned PC!” my mom had yelled a few minutes back. And yet, it was lying there. Mist filled memories.. perhaps like the ones by agent from Call of Duty Black Ops, being pulled time and again back through his life.. Well. Our story runs deep. Each photo says a story worth imbuing an entire novel full with ink. But then again.. that is the beauty of a photo. It portrays a million words in one flash of sight. Like those waterfalls in Kodaikanal, or even in the Hotel Leela these memories flashed by me in a fraction of second.

So, there it was.. and I wondered, one day even you might get replaced. To make that moment picture perfect, I decided to pay homage to it, in the most iridescent way possible (not by obviously photographing it). Yes. You got it right, in the form of an artwork. Here it goes:

camera cover sketch painting

Retouching Photography:

The past one year has been obscenely dull, where in I quite literally quit all my hobbies and other passions (photography topping the list) because the mere act of working 9 hours in an office consumed me and made me feel used up by the time I reached home. Soon enough I realized something need to be done. The plain hypocrisy dominating my life had to stop. It was time to prove my self proclamation of being an art & music man to be true. Piano mastery doesn’t come natural to any man. Same holds true for the art of painting. And that is no different for photography either. But only when one practice is does he realizes his potent being touched, nourished and loved. One thread to follow would be carrying of space art in the direction where it was heading a few years back.. Towards heaven.

Diego Forlan has become what he is by a multitude of practice and sheer mad determination. So shall Nikhil Bijai. Photographer, Artist, Pianist, Song writer amongst a million other things.

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  1. Kiran says:

    Awesome colours buddy........i impresssed dude!!!

  2. Nik says:

    Thanks a ton kiran. you're the one who motivated me towards this. :)